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DRY with examples on documentation. Include Java Extension for Asciidoctor.

One of the great features that Asciidoctor offers us as a writers of manuals, tutorials and documentation in general is that allows us to follow the DRY pattern. If for example you are writing a tutorial, probably you will have one part of the tutorial which will be the documentation, and another part which will be source code with examples. Asciidoctor allows us to write the documentation and include the examples directly from source code project to document.

For example:

As you can see you can include directly from source code the example and Asciidoctor will render it inside the document. Moreover if you set the language, Asciidoctor will highlight the code too.

But as you can see there is one problem with this approach, you are including the whole file, with imports, javadoc, comments, ... and maybe you only want to show a method of that class. Now with Asciidoctor you have two options:

Using lines attribute:

Which have the problem that modifying original source code also modifies the code embedded inside tutorial.

Using tags:

Which is an invasive method that requires you modify the original source code:

But now we have got another option in case your language is Java. And it is using java-semantic-asciidoctorj extension. This extension allows us to embed parts of the code by its components. That is you can set which method to add, which class, if you want to add imports or not, ... The extension only works with asciidoctorj-1.5.0.preview1 and beyond, and uses the new SPI for extensions, so you only have to add the jar extension on classpath, and the extension is automatically registered.

An example of usage of this extension could be the next one. Let's imagine that we have a class with 5 methods and we want to include only a method called mymethod which receives an String as parameter and it has no return value. Also we want to add the imports, but nothing else.

We could do something like:

Note that now we are not invading our code with comment-tags, nor fixing the position with lines of the method inside our document.

The attributes you can set in include are:
  • imports: adds the imports.
  • fields: adds the fields of the main class.
  • class: adds all the content of the main class.
  • enum=<classname>: adds the enum with the given name. The enum should be defined inside the class we are adding.
  • annotation=<classname>: same as enum but for annotations.
  • class=<classname>: same as enum but for inner classes.
  • contructor=<constructorName>(<parameterType1>,<parameterType2>, ....): adds the defined constructor. In this case we must set the constructor name and the type of each parameter. For example: MyClass(String).
  • method=<returnType> <methodName>(<parameterType1>, <parameterType2>, ...): same as constructor but for methods, which implies adding the return type. Note that it is not required to add any modifier nor throws classes.

Now we can use our classes within our documentation and by adding the required block.

This version of plugin works with Java 1.7 and before, not with Java 1.8 but it could work in some cases.

The extension is published on bintray, so to install you simply have to add bintray repository and the required dependency:

The project is hosted at:

We keep learning,
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A PayPal Cash Card is a great way to make the most of your PayPal account. In fact, with recent changes, you'll need one for some of the most basic uses of PayPal, including transferring money into your PayPal account. But sometimes users complain that they are having a problem in Paypal Debit Card Activation then how to fix this problem, so don’t worry we are here to provide a basic solution for that.

Paypal Card Activation
Paypal Prepaid Card Activation
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Paypal Activation Activation Card

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Arlo cameras are the most popular brand and highly in demand worldwide. It comes along with the Solar Panel to give the battery backup for hours. Looking for a speedy solution related to the Arlo Camera App For Windows.
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As the installation process of Arlo Camera is easy and convenient but sometimes users face issues in Arlo Netgear Login and stoppage may occur since its a device. The reasons can be varied because you just have to find the proper solution for it.
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While you are searching for a solution to Arlo Account Setup, then thanks to the support of a large customer base, the Arlo security camera can manage any malfunction.
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As an HP tech official, we are the main help supplier of HP printers. As while taking a shot at these machines the issue can trim any time of time so you ought to set yourself up to anticipate this mistake. For this, simply get an interface with our outsider HP Printer Services Number to expel all failure in managed time.
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Are you facing an offline error in your Epson printer? We have a team of experts and professionals who can help you resolve an Epson printer offline error. The offline printer error generally occurs due to wrong windows configurations or bugs in your Epson printers. However, the problem can be solved by making your Epson printer a default printer and setting it online from the control panel.

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Underwater Drones Market is growing at a progressive growth rate due to increasing usage for surveillance, gathering data and intelligence. These Underwater drones are specially used for research in the oil & gas industry due to which the implementation of underwater drones have increased significantly in recent years. Moreover, organizations in ocean exploration have started using these underwater drones for mapping ocean floors and for other purposes.

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For Arlo Sign in, go to the web browser our device, in the URL address bar type all the basic details which have been asked for, after doing all this, tap sign in. Check the internet connectivity, and tight all the connection yo the base station and the router, if there is any issue coming on the way, then call us for Arlo pro login, we will help you in each and every step.

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Arlo App For PC now can be easily downloaded and can be installed in a very simple way, the only thing, you have to do is to download the emulator you dont have to worry now as by following a few of the steps, it can be easily done. In case facing any kind of difficulty contact us on our number. We are available 24*7 for your help. You can also email us or chat with us regarding your queries. The technician will guide you to download the Arlo app, with the help of bluestack and the nox player.
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