miércoles, marzo 04, 2015

Restful Web Service Guide

Nowadays more and more projects are developed using the tuple AngularJs in frontend + Java EE (or Spring Framework) in backend. The communication between AngularJs and Java EE is done by using Restful Web Services

In my company this tuple is implemented in every project and we are several teams working on different projects. So it seems clear that it would have sense that all Restful Web Services should be done in similar way. For this reason we (the architecture team) decided to create a Restful Web Service guide where all teams could base their API design. In this document we mention basic concepts of Rest, but also how to internationalize a Rest API, Pagination, Security with Json Web Tokens or Http Error codes.

This guide has been released under CC license and is published in github. You can watch it without any problem, send a PR with any improvement or open an issue to discuss anything.

We keep learning,

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