lunes, junio 09, 2014

Injecting properties file values in CDI using DeltaSpike and Apache TomEE

One of the great improvement in Java EE 5 and beyond it is the introduction of CDI (Context and Dependency Injection). CDI is used for injecting dependencies among a lot of other things like events, interceptors, … and can be used in POJOs.

In some cases instead of injecting other objects (as a dependency injection), you want to inject a value from a properties file into a class that needs to be configured externally.

I have written an example in Tomitribe community zone: 

We keep learning,

Sora ni akogarete  sora wo kakete yuku, Ano ko no inochi wa hikoukigumo (The Wind Rises - Joe Hisaishi, Yumi Arai)