miércoles, febrero 13, 2013

The Reality of Developer's Life

In this post I am going to try to illustrate in a funny way the reality of developer's life. This post is a translation of another post written in Spanish.

When you upload something to production environment:

When you find a problem solution without searching in Google:

When you close your IDE without saving the code:

When you try to fix a bug at 3AM:

When your regular expression returns what you expect it:

When my boss reported me that the module I have been working will never be used:

When I show to my boss that I have fixed a bug:

When I upload a code without tests and it works as expected:

When marketing folks show to developers what they have sold:

The first time you apply a CSS to a web page:

When the sysadmin gives you root access:

When you run your script the first time after several hours working on it:

When you go on weekend and everyone else are at office trying to fix all issues:

When your boss finds someone to fix a critical bug:

When you receive an extra paid if project ends before deadline:

When something that had worked on Friday and on Monday did not work:

When you develop without specifications:

When boss tells me that "tests are for those who doesn't know how to code":

When you update a database script and you note that you have deleted whole database:

Have you ever life one of these experiences? I hope so :D, if not maybe you are not a real developer ;)

PD: Original Source In Spanish

24 comentarios:

dunikowski dijo...

OMG. Totally ;D

dunikowski dijo...

OMG, totally ;D

Vasyl Shyrochuk dijo...


Vasyl Shyrochuk dijo...


Mojo+ELvis=MELvis dijo...

ESO es la colección más grande de la verdad que he visto

Alex Soto dijo...

Thank you very much all of you for your comments.

Robert Morschel dijo...

Brilliant!!!!!!!! :D

Kevin Kaland dijo...

Pretty much perfect representations.

dekoderek dijo...

My IDE saves my files automagically. Everything else... true for me :)

Maksym Trykoz dijo...

Awesome!!! ROFL )))

Zoltan Juhasz dijo...

Thanks Dude, this is a wonderful begining of my day... these are totally typicals :DDDDDDDDDDDD

Al dijo...

Awesome !!! It is so real !!!

Al dijo...
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Madhushan Wickramasinghe dijo...

what a creation,, he he !! excellent !!

Paweł Grześkowiak dijo...

Main event in my company for last few days. Everything true!

Programista ABAP

falko dijo...

Жизненно :-P

Saru dijo...


Kuan Hanrong dijo...
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Kuan Hanrong dijo...

I'm a developer and I approve of this gallery.

chaitu saladi dijo...

Awesome. Gr8 relief from hectic schedule within few minutes :)

Unknown dijo...

Amazing indeed :) (http://skibb.it)

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