jueves, diciembre 06, 2012

Ada Is Here

Yesterday my daughter was born in Barcelona. We named Ada in honor of Augusta Ada King, who is considered the first person that wrote the first computer program. Both are Sagittarius, Ada was born on December 10 and my daughter on December 5, almost the same day.

Hope to see her with Octocat Onesie quickly and pushing code :D.

We Keep Learning,

Im pickin up good vibrations, Shes giving me excitations, Im pickin up good vibrations (Good Vibrations - The Beach Boys)
Music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B0yoiBYbT2I

5 comentarios:

Unknown dijo...

Congratulations Àlex and Jessica,

I hope your "fork" XD becomes as good as the father.

One Ghost from the source code of your unversity memories.

Ens veiem crack!

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