jueves, mayo 24, 2012

I'm guided by this birthmark on my skin, I'm guided by the beauty of our weapons, First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin (First We Take Manhattan - Leonard Cohen)

On May 23, I was at Berlin as speaker in LinuxTag. I talked about how to test modern Enterprise Java Applications using open source tools.

Presentation abstract was:

Ten years ago to present, Enterprise Java Applications have suffered many changes. We have moved from Enterprise Applications built with JSP+Servlet and EJB, to much more complex applications. Nowadays with the advent of HTML5 or JavaScript libraries like JQuery, client side development has changed significantly. With the emergence of web frameworks like Spring MVC or JSF,  server side code has quite changed compared to the one used when each web-form was mapped to a Servlet. And also persistence layer has changed with Java Persistence standard or with new database approaches like Data-Grid, Key-Values stores or Document stores.
Moreover, architectural changes have occurred too, REST-web applications have grown in popularity or AJAX is used to create asynchronous web applications. Due to development of Enterprise Java Applications have changed during these years, so testing frameworks have changed accordantly. The main topic of this speech will be how to test Enterprise Java Applications using these new frameworks.
In the first part of this presentation we are going to explore how to test JavaScript written on client side, how to write unit tests of server side code, and how to validate persistence layer. Next part of presentation will be focused on how to write integration tests on server side and acceptance tests on full Enterprise Java Applications (joining client and server side) and an introduction about testing REST-web applications. Finally we will show how to integrate all kind of test on your continuous integration system and run acceptance tests on test environment.

Session will combine theory with interactive practice using only open-source projects.

I have uploaded slides to slideshare so you can  take a look (sorry for red and blue colours):

How to Test Enterprise Java Applications
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Also if you want you can download the code that it was used in demo sections.

Javascript Unit Testing with JS Test Driver
NoSQL Unit Testing with NoSQLUnit
Integration Tests with Arquillian
Acceptance Tests with Thucydides

Please let me warn you that NoSQLUnit is an open source project that I am developing, and it is on early stages, in next month, project will have a better look by supporting more NoSQL systems like Neo4j, Cassandra or CouchDb and having an official (not snapshot) release. If you want you can follow me on Twitter or subscribing to NoSQLUnit github repository and receive the last news of this JUnit extension.

For any question do not hesitate to write them in comments section or sending me an email.

I would like to say thank you to linuxtag folks for treating me so well and all people who came to presentation, for all of them a big thank you.

Music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JTTC_fD598A&ob=av2e