martes, julio 11, 2006

Debianizing Java

When you go to to download JDK, you find a disagreeable surprise, only a RPM or a BIN file is found. What's happening if you have a Debin/Ubuntu distribution? Probably you would like to work with a DEB file, but it is not available in java sun site. A simple solution can be done.

First you download the BIN JDK file you want to install. Then using synaptic, you download fakeroot aplication and make-jpkg application. And finally, you apply the next command, fakeroot make-jpkg .bin.

After a few moments you will have a .deb file, so you can install using dpkg tool. After that, because we want to execute by default this new java virtual machine/compiler, execute update-alternatives --config java, and choose the new jdk installed.

And thats all, as simple as you can imagine.

2 comentarios:

John O'Conner dijo...

Can this possibly be this easy? Wow...the instructions on seem very confusing compared to this. I'll give this a try when I install java se 6.

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